International Management Institute New Delhi

International Management Institute New Delhi has a rigorous profile-based selection process for its students, ensuring that it admits the best minds. The students are selected based on their academic performance, work experience, and performance in entrance exams, with a view to building a diverse student community.

The institute has a strong industry network and has tie-ups with leading organisations. The institute’s Corporate Relations and Career Services Cell facilitates industry interaction, summer internships, and final placements for the students. The students are exposed to a wide range of industries, including consulting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources.

IMI New Delhi has a rich legacy of producing successful leaders in the corporate world. More than 7,700 management professionals have graduated from the Institute, and many of them hold leadership positions in some of the leading companies in India and abroad. The institute’s alumni network is spread across the world, and they are actively involved in the institute’s activities, including guest lectures and mentoring programs.

Additionally, IMI New Delhi has successfully hosted the EAMSA annual conference in 2010.

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About New Delhi, India

New Delhi being a capital city to one of the largest and fastest growing Asian economies will provide a strategic meeting point, symbolising the themes’ essence of bridging the innovation gap and fostering collaboration between Asia and Europe for sustainability and inclusive development. New Delhi is home to hundreds of MNEs, small and micro enterprises, startups and community driven initiatives making it an ideal stage for discussion on international business strategies and innovations. In addition, being a capital city, it hosts offices to all the government ministries and regulatory agencies, thus making EAMSA 2024 accessible to policy making bodies and regulators.

New Delhi hosted the 18th G-20 summit successfully during 9-10 September 2023. The G20 plays a crucial role in shaping global economic policies to address pressing global challenges, such as climate change, trade, and sustainable development. EAMSA-2024 following the G20 summit in New Delhi provides a platform and an opportunity to delegates to discuss and analyse practical implications of these policies and how businesses can contribute to global solutions and align their strategies with international priorities.